The 13th Step — A New and Highly Important Film — by Monica Richardson

If you have ever made a film, even a short film, you know how difficult, how costly, how emotionally draining, how all-consuming filmmaking is.  For someone who spent years in a dangerous cult religion being stripped of all human power, it is truly remarkable.

Monica Richardson is about to release her full-length documentary about the 12 step cult.  There are not 12 steps … there are 13.  And they are all deadly.  See the link below for the trailer — it’s brilliant.

Please share this everywhere and anywhere.  People deserve better.  Much better.

Thanks to Monica, we have a visual telling of this most important story.  She is a true superstar.

The 7.5 minute trailer here:  http://youtu.be/Z-jZ3NWI8uk

- Laura Tompkins


Never Call Yourself An “Alcoholic” or “Addict”

“Why do you hate 12 step programs so much?”  When I get asked this question, in my head I think, “Why don’t you?!?!”  Then I realize they are either ignorant, have a relative/friend in the cult, (who gives all credit for their very lives to the cult), or are a stepper (or ex-stepper), themselves.  What is most astounding is when ex-steppers defend the cult, but then I quickly realize the power of the brainwashing.  Even those who have left (gotten free really), feel the need to defend the cult.

Why?  They were told for years that their own mind was not their friend.  They were told for years that they were wrong about every choice they have ever made.  They were told for years that they are wrong and the program is right.  They are, even after years of freedom, unaware of how their mind is still hijacked by their time in a 12 step program.  This only serves to prove the power of this cult religion.  Your power is stripped away while all power is given to the program.  Either you conform and buy all this brain-damaging rhetoric, or you are dead, institutionalized, or in jail.  The end.

But this is just not so.  The wonderful work of Gabrielle Glaser has now been published in the New York Times (not her first article there, but her most illuminating).  You see, Gabrielle has never been a stepper.  Gabrielle has never been told that she cannot trust her own thinking.  Gabrielle has not embraced nothing but negative affirmations for herself.  She is a journalist with a clear, healthy mind, telling the truth through extensive research and painful stories of families in great need of help.  She has discovered that the 12 steps are dangerous to the mind.  Her only purpose in this is to help others.  In addition to her book, Her Best Kept Secret (link below), her recent Propublica article (link below), she now graces the New York Times with her work on addiction disorders.  (link below).

This NY Times article describes how and why the 12 step cults are dangerous and how to get evidence-based help.  Faith-healing for a very dangerous disorder makes the problem worse, never better.

I pass this NY Times brilliance on to you, my readers.  Please pass this on for others who are struggling or have a loved one in need.  People deserve help that will actually help and not a load of BILLshit to keep one powerless.  You have choices.  You also have unlimited and immeasurable power.

New York Times:  http://nyti.ms/1zbCn9b

Buy the book:    http://www.amazon.com/Her-Best-Kept-Secret-Drink-And-Control-ebook/dp/B00A286SM4

Propublica:    http://www.propublica.org/article/how-alcoholics-anonymous-can-be-a-playground-for-violence

- Laura Tompkins


How to Do a 4th Step – The Example Given in the Big Book

While recently researching the steps, I was in chapter 5 of the Big Book and found the instructions for 4th step work.   http://www.aa.org/bigbookonline/en_bigbook_chapt5.pdf   Please click on this link to scroll down until you see the three columns you are to make and fill in for your moral inventory.

Alternately, if you have a book near you, check it out.  In the EXAMPLE in the book, he  is resentful that Mr. Brown told his wife about his MISTRESS.  He is also resentful that his boss has established a boundary around his destructive drinking.  Worst of all, he is resentful with his wife for asking that their house be put in her name.  What a fucking bitch !!!!    How dare she ask for such a thing!  This nag who misunderstands him is really getting in the way of his life with his mistress, and his stealing money from his boss is a real threat to his security.  If I had not read it in the actual book, I never would have believed it.  It’s there … all of it, in black and white that has remained unchanged since it’s first printing in 1938.

For fuck’s sake. Just these examples alone should send people running for the door. Too bad people are so vulnerable and will do anything presented as a solution.  Too bad this dangerous cult religion has duped the culture enough to give off the impression they are attending some SAFE self-help group.

Let’s spread the word.  You nor anyone else is safe in a 12 step program.  This cult religion is full of people angry that their wives found out about their mistress, and equally angry that she wants some financial security.  This cult religion is full of people who are angry with their boss for calling them on their stealing from the company and drinking so much it affects their productivity.  This cult religion is full of people who will steal from you and blame you for blowing their cover with their infidelity.  Just the idea of having to do a moral inventory produces extreme cognitive dissonance.  This requirement is presuming you are a moral defective in need of a cleansing from the lack of god in your unmanageable, insane, powerless life.  It’s in the guide BOOK !!!!

Stay away.  Stay far, far away.


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Laurie Birmingham Does It Again. Three Views – One Phenomenal Actress.

“Birmingham delivers a great performance, giving us a harrowing reincarnation of Albee’s Martha. Her Jesse drinks and says too much, spewing the toxic anger of a woman whose husband never made enough money or gave enough intimacy. Even the tradeoff — security — has now vanished; Poppy has had the audacity to not only get sick but also insist he wants to die.”

Of course Laurie Birmingham delivers more than a ‘great’ performance. He calls her performance ‘great’ because it’s an ensemble piece and it’s just not appropriate to fawn over one of them and with this cast, this show has got to be a-fucking-mazing. Without even seeing it yet (and that she was singled out in an ensemble review), I can guar-an-fucking-tee you that Laurie is far more than ‘great.’ I am going to bawl through this entire thing. I am flying up from LA for the experience. MY review to follow.

If you are in Milwaukee, or anywhere near Milwaukee … you will miss life-transforming magic if you do not go.  Now.



Dangerous Criminals In Your Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Happy April all you lovely humans

These two sick-fuck pieces of shit met in an AA meeting.  I wish I could say this is an April Fools joke but unfortunately it is as real as it gets.  It’s a short article and it’s disturbing but the truth is more important than ignorance.  This is just one of many stories most of which are not reported, because of the ‘outside issues’ excuse and the ‘anonymity’ excuse.  12 step groups are not safe.  Period.



Rules for Sex Offenders – Attendance in 12 Step Cult Meetings

My other obligations keep me from writing longer articles right now, but nothing keeps me from passing on the truth.  Enjoy!


“Offenders cannot purchase, possess or consume any mind or mood altering substances, including alcohol or drugs that haven’t been prescribed by doctors. They may have to undergo chemical dependency treatment and follow prescribed treatment, which may include Alcoholics Anonymous or other recovery meetings. Offenders are required to submit to urine and/or breathalyzer tests to monitor compliance. They also must submit to DNA and HIV testing.”

That they actually include the cult religion as a possibility is terrifying enough, not to mention illegal.  You are not safe in 12 step meetings on any level whatsoever.


12 Things The Cult Religion of the 12 Steps Does NOT Want You To Know.


Enjoy this link.  I pass it on to you, my followers, in order that when you are attacked by brainwashed steppers, you know how to refute their insanity with actual facts.  You’re welcome.  Keep coming back.


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